Perception Neuron Sensor .3hz FIX

Please do the following steps to correct the issue with the Perception Neuron Sensors.

You will need 
Prop Tool Cable
Perception Neuron Sensor. (In this case you will need to do this to all 17 sensors)

1)​On Axis Neuron Click on TOOLS>UPGRADE
2)​ Connect to your HUB with the PROP TOOL and Perception Neuron sensor attached.

3) Axis Neuron will now connect to the HUB and search for any sensors and straps attached.

4)​Because the sensor is flashing in .3Hz, Axis Neuron Upgrade utility will not recognize the sensor attached. You will see a pop-up and select the second option highlighted below. Click Next

5)​Axis Neuron will now issue a force firmware update on the sensor attached. 
6) Set sensor aside and once all sensors have completed this process place the sensors back onto the suit an retest.

This process is intended to salvage any sensors that have had a malfunction with any previous firmware update.

After the completion of the firmware install the sensor should now be in good working condition.

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