Perception Neuron Sensor Calibration

After long-term use, the sensors might accumulate some calculation errors. This will cause posture problems such as drifting. To correct this, you can install the Perception Neuron Sensor into the Prop Cable, then go onto Axis Neuron to calibrate.


Calibrate sensor directly with the Prop Cable.

• Launch Axis Neuron.
• Click Calibrate sensor in Tools menu.

• Place a Perception Neuron sensor into the Prop tool socket and connect the pogo pin
connector to the Hub. Then Click Next.

• Click Connect in Equipment list.

• Click Next.

• Steady Pose status. (Do not move sensor during this step)

• After the Steady pose operation you may move sensor. The model in the window will show the sensor’s posture. If the posture is drifting, this indicates that the sensor is magnetized and you need to calibrate the sensor. Rotate the sensor every 30-40 degrees to check for responsiveness, this will let you know if the sensor drifts.

Tip: If you sensor does not show signs of drift, close the window and re test another Perception Neuron Sensor, otherwise continue to the following steps to calibrate the sensor.

Click Next.

• Click Next.

• Click OK.

• Click OK

There are two different kinds of techniques to choose from to calibrate the Perception Neuron sensor. Click on either image for a visual reference on the calibrating techniques.

e.g. Holding the Prop Tool cable with your hand and rotating the socket along all axes (x,y,z). Alternatively, you can hold the Prop Tool socket on the tip of your fingers and rotate the socket in -+x,y,z.

• Click Next when the video is done.

• 5 second countdown will begin.

• Begin rotating the sensor as demonstrated in the videos. A green point cloud will appear showing the collected data.

• When this process reaches 100 percent, the Hub will start buzzing. Click Next to end the calibration.

After calibration, you can check the posture of the sensor, otherwise you can perform the calibration again if you are not satisfied with the sensor’s posture. Click Next Sensor to restart calibration or start a new calibration for a different sensor.


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