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    Alessandro Riberti

    Hi guys,
    my shipping address is changed, please send my stuff at

    Alessandro Riberti c/o 34bigthings s.r.l.
    Via Cassini 39
    Torino, Italy

    please send me a confirmation email if you read this message

    Alessandro Riberti

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    HI I received my 32 perception neuron kit Saturday 24-6-16 and I've just read on your website software free with Warranty Registration, am I automatically registered with you because of my purchase or do I have to register my warranty somewhere on your site. Thank you for your time.

    Regards Michael Jones

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    We are having problems with our Left upper leg, & lower leg they are slow blinking, the Left foot is connecting fine. we have downloaded the latest soft wear, and swapped out the nuerons.

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    Hi, I want to buy x 32 Neuron + iClone Perception Neuron Mocap Live Solo . This is the product link . We have receive products place " 广东省,广州市,荔湾区,石围塘街道,滘口大街,五眼桥滘口村273号" . Please
    give me some inforemations : payment method, delivery method....

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