Perception Neuron Unboxing

Perception Neuron comes in two different configurations:

  • 32 Neuron Alum
  • 18 Neuron Alum editions.


The following video will show you the contents of unboxing a 32 Neuron Alum Edition.

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    Chanseyha Eng

    HI I have question, so my kit should come with 3 size of glow right? But I found only 1 size of grow in box or maybe 2 since the girl said 1 is inside right?

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    I have Same configuration like in the unboxing Video. One large gloves configured with the neuron holder on it and one extra pair blank in the Box .

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    Kera Nimations

    Hi, will anyone mind telling me whether or not this system is of nice quality? I have been looking all over for an affordable Motion Capture system, and this has immediately caught my eyes. Thanks. :)

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    Chanseyha Eng

    @kera yes I would recommend it for motion capture. It is full body and look very nice also the quality also good very light weight too.

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