Hardware Firmware upgrade

The firmware on both the Hub and Perception Neurons sensors can be updated together using Axis Neuron. When the Hub and Neuron are upgraded together, the Hub will be upgraded first and then the Perception Neuron sensors will follow. There is also support for upgrading the Hub or Perception Neuron sensors
independently. When the Hub does not connect to the Neuron client, a dialogue will display, just click Only HUB upgrade.

When either the Hub or Perception Neuron sensors need an upgrade, a red light indicator inside of the sensor map will display. A green light indicator on the sensor map indicates the firmware is up-to-date.


Hub + Perception Neuron Sensor update

a) Connect the Perception Neuron suit to the computer via USB. You must have the Hub connected to the computer through the Data port.

b) Launch Axis Neuron, choose Upgrade in the Tool menu.

c) Click Connect in the Equipment list


d) Click the Upgrade button



If all the light indicators are green, this indicates that the firmware on the equipment does not need to be upgraded, you may close the window.


e) Click Yes.

f) Axis Neuron will upgrade the Hub first, then it will upgrade the Perception Neuron devices. There will be a second beep after the Hub has upgraded successfully. Then the Perception Neuron sensors that have the outdated firmware will begin to upgrade. There will be a tone indicator after each sensor has upgraded successfully, the corresponding light will then change to a green light indicator.

g) Once the firmware has completed the Hub will temporarily disconnect and reconnect. Confirm all lights on the upgrade window are green indicating all firmware has been updated. You may click on Finish and close the Upgrade window.

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    Laurent Lavigne

    Is the Neuron Doctor PC only? I cannot find it in the Mac install of AXIS.

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    lol i also dont find doctor... there is no detial tutorial on software.... plz help

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